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Rubrics and guidelines for texts

The texts will have to be sent before May 1st to the following address:, with as subject NOBODADDY + Author’s name – in Word format, Times New Roman 12 font, max. 3500 signs (spaces and notes included) mentioning below the title the name of the envisaged rubric and the author’s email.


  1. The Maladies of the Father

The father, structurally, give no access to any normality. There are, therefore, ‘maladies of the father’: those produced by the Oedipus and those that exclude the Name-of-the-Father.
This rubric will look at how the father is always a symptom, this side of, or even beyond, the theme of patriarchy, which is returning in force today.


The deficiency of the father, of structure (the father symptom)
Where have all the hysterics gone, be they male or female­?
Phobias, obsessions
Without father, rejection, foreclosure, psychosis


  1. The Sins of the Father

From the father to the worst, from dad to dud: this rubric will explore the flipsides of the figure of the pacifying father, such as the incestuous father who transgresses the fundamental law founding humanity, the predator, the paedophile, the harasser, masculinism and its hateful discourse against women, etc.

Keywords :

Toxic fathers (abuser, predator, impostor, harasser…)
Masculinism, femicides


  1. Do Without, Use It

To leave the reign of the father does not mean to do without him. At a time when the father figure is in decline, more and more customised inventions are used to negativise, localise and name the jouissance that is always in excess. The Name-of-the-Father is pluralized, the sinthome can serve. And what it is to be a man can be declined in diverse variations that we will also have to explore.


The civilising function of the father
Oriented père-versement – “père-épate” or “épater” – virilities (how to be a man?)
Pluralisation of the Names-of-the-Father/sinthomatic solutions
Depathologisation of the clinic


  1. Woke Speech

Different forces of struggle against patriarchy are nowadays united in the ideology of wokism. The evaporation of the father produces so many identificatory signifiers that form communities and which try to impose themselves by provoking exclusion. The exploration of the sources of all these discourses will be the red thread of this hot topic.

Keywords :

Evaporation of the father – equality, inclusion, exclusion, segregation
Oppressed identities, communitarianism
Feminisms (including ecofeminism)
Ideological struggles – intersectionality
Drifts towards sectarianism


  1. Authoritarianism

There is no lack of reactions to the decline of the patriarchal order. They are occasionally striking in their ferocity. The emergence of populist leaders with patriarchal overtones also endangers democracies. Similarly, religious discourses tend to become more radical, challenging hard-won rights such as the right to abortion and subjecting women to an iron rule.

Keywords :

Discourse of the master, hierarchy
Autocracy, tyranny, domination, exploitation/victims
Populisms, fatherland
Radicalisation of religious discourse


  1. Reinvented Families

The family order forged by the patriarchal tradition is now being fundamentally challenged. Families are being reinvented, gender issues are opening up new emotional horizons, new forms of parenthood: exploring them will allow us to take the full measure of the effects of contemporary discourses that actively seek to debunk the pater familias.


Putting an end to the traditional patriarchal model: marriage for all, diversity of queer family organisations, new parenthoods (co-parenting, throuples, etc.)



Translated by Janet Haney
Reviewed by Linda Clarke

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